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CARA Exhibitions

The exhibitions program will offer significant opportunities and resources providing time, care, and space for those we work with. Exhibitions will be developed holistically, in cooperation and in parity with our wider discursive and curatorial programs, and will always be an expression of ongoing research and inquiry. With this in mind our exhibition program will remain decentralised, acting instead as a link between scholarship, cultural work, artistic practices, and activism.

The program will be formed of newly commissioned works in both solo and group exhibitions, archival and retrospective shows, and visual, sonic, discursive or experimental outcomes emerging from our research. It will also be in close conversation with new proposals and outcomes from across our broader programs that may seek to find form within the space.

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Public Program

CARA’s Public Programs are central to the development of both individual and collective practice and to the organization as a whole. Our team, fellows, artists, writers, and scholars will cooperate to organize public events of all forms, which will deepen communication across our programs based within the building; our collaborations forming within our locale in New York; and our longstanding and forthcoming partnerships beyond. The Public Program will always seek to question and develop models of learning and sharing that pursue the radical potentials and resonances of internationalism, asking what this can mean for evolving conceptions of solidarity, polyvocality, and interdependence. Both reflecting and continually renewing CARA’s deep focus on nurturing process, they will variously consider how transformative movements and struggles can locate, unveil, and overturn dominant categories of being that might otherwise delineate our capacity to learn and to grow together.

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CARA’s publishing program focuses on artistic, discursive, complex, open-ended research or moving beyond ‘definitive’ studies, and prioritizing work that opens plural, intertwined pathways for un-learning and inquiry. Our publications and related projects support works across form that test the pleasures and constraints of narrative and storytelling, and we are particularly interested in writings that explore the fertile relationships between poetics, visual arts, public and personal histories, and opportunities for radical action in the present.

CARA’s focus as a publisher has been on elder and mid-career practitioners, artists’ estates, and under-resourced cultural histories and scholarship. CARA’s inaugural years will see us publish and support books across undefinable disciplines; facilitating new collaborations between visual practitioners, writers, scholars and collectives, honoring long-standing expertise, and inviting projects that expand and unravel historically dominant understandings of authorship, inscription, or legibility.

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CARA fellowship – run over a two years period – aims to uplift dynamic practices and promote rich, transformative experience within and across different fields and approaches. CARA’s cohorts of artistic fellows represents a broad diversity of cultural practices, forms of participatory research, organizing models, and geographic contexts.

CARA Fellowships ‘support the invisible work’ this is an effort to make a creative life and practice sustainable, therefore this fellowship program will grant to individuals and collectives a differentiated and unrestricted sums for care and practices. CARA fellowships will be designed in collaboration with the fellows to meet their needs, aligned with comprehensive research undertaken by CARA that suggests: “the way to make creativity sustainable is by making the lives of creators sustainable.”

CARA are by invitation only and fellows are invited to be part of this program supporting the curatorial vision. We are indebted to the Initiatives team at United States Artists’ for working with us to design a fellowship that reflects our shared values, and benefits from their sensitivity and years of experience in crafting fellowships that center practitioners.

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CARA is unable to consider unsolicited proposals at this time.