Center for Art,
Research and Alliances


CARA receives core support from our Founder Jane Hait and the Howard and Nancy Marks Charitable Fund. Additional support is provided by CARA’s Board of Directors, Founding Partners, Director’s Circle Members, and a group of passionate individuals and foundations who join us in envisioning a just future in and through the arts. Donors who have made contributions of $1000 or above are listed below.

A. Alfred Taubman Foundation
Alexander Ferrando
Alexander Gray
Agnes Gund
Alice Beal and William Kuntz
Alison and Richard Ressler
Andrew and Rachel Marks
Anthony Grant
Arison Arts Foundation
Brooke Garber Neidich
Bruce and Martha Karsh
Bruce and Nancy Newberg
Carla Shen
Carol Doumani
Carole Black
Carolyn Ramo
Chara Schreyer
Chelsea and Pascal Spengemann
Christine Messineo and Matthew Shattuck
Claire and Michael Olshan
Cortez Crosby
David Zwirner
Dawn Ostroff
Deborah Berke and Peter McCann
Dozoretz Family Foundation
Druckenmiller Foundation
Eleanor Cayre

Ellen Langan and Brendan Dugan
Emily Gerard
Estrellita Brodsky
Ford Foundation
Furthermore/The J.M Kaplan Fund
Goldsmith Charitable Trust
Graham Foundation
Helen and Peter Warwick
Howard and Nancy Marks
Israel Englander
Sung Eun Jackie and Claudio LoCascio
Jacques Louis Vidal Charitable Fund
James and Merryl Tisch Foundation
James Costos and Michael S. Smith
Jami Gertz and Antony Ressler
Jane Hait and Justin Beal
Jerry and Terry Kohl Foundation
Joan Shigekawa
John Morace
Jo Carole and Ronald Lauder Foundation
Julia Chiang and Brian Donnelly
Julia Trotta and Davide Balula
Katherine B. Davis Fund
Kelly Taxter and Rob Davis
Larry Silverstein
Leonard Ackerman

Leonard Glickman
Lonti Ebers
Maria and Bob Tuttle
Marley B. Lewis & Yevgeny Vilensky
Martha and Bruce Karsh Family Foundation
Matthew Wood
Michi Jigarjian
Miko McGinty, Inc.
Molly Gochman
Muriel Pollia Foundation
Nancy and Bruce Newberg
Office of Contemporary Art Norway
Rebecca Siegel
Risk Strategies
Robert Portnoff
Lily and Schuster B. Tanger
Shahed Larson
Shelley Fox Aarons and Philip Aarons
Sheree Hovsepian and Rashid Johnson
Sophia Beal and Francis X. Shen
Sung and William Hait
Speyer Family Foundation
The Lawrence and Carol Saper Foundation
The Ressler Family Foundation
The Speyer Family Foundation
Valeria Napoleone
Viet-Nu Nguyen
Yumi Shin
Zakaria Family Foundation
Zoe Dictrow


Dominique Clayton
Ambassador James Costos
Zoe Dictrow
Carol Doumani
Leslie Falk
Bryan Furst
Agnes Gund
Sheree Hovsepian
Branwen Jones

Ellen Langan
Jennifer Meyer
Gregory R. Miller
Bruce and Nancy Newberg
Viet-Nu Nguyen
Dawn Ostroff
Sung Poblete
Ambassador David Pressman
Purtill Family Business

Carolyn Ramo
Loring Randolph
Chiara Repetto
Carol Saper
Phoebe Segal
Julia Trotta
Alexandra Tuttle
Maria Hummer Tuttle
Helen Warwick


Other Half Brewery
Open Water
Free Range Wine and Spirits
Vivanterre Natural Wine